Pco Driver Employment Chances For A Great Driving Career In London!

PCO driver employment opportunities are being presented by our mini cab firm for practiced individuals who are good at handling vehicles on the road and posses great passenger-care skills. Our mini cab company is distinguished and renowned, being located in the heart of London. We have been providing excellent mini cab services since the last three decades and continue to serve with integrity and excellence.

Due to the growing fame of our minicab services and increasing demand of our top-quality rides -which are also easy on the pocket; we are looking to spread and hire drivers who hold a Public Carriage Officer License in London.

We value our clients immensely and therefore strive to provide them with the best services possible. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one focus. Therefore, we are in search of gifted individuals who are ready to perform their duties with full devotion and determination.

The job is mainly based on cash as a payment and is divided into:

  • Shift work.
  • Part time work.
  • Full time work.

We hand over speedy mini cabs, fuel, insurance, maintenance and training to our employed drivers which enable them to perform to the fullest. We provide regular breaks to our employed drivers so that they manage to stay rejuvenated throughout their work hours. All the tips that our hired drivers collect are theirs to keep.

Where we prioritize the satisfaction of our regulars we also value the ease of our staff. Therefore, all complaints by our staff are taken in serious deliberation and suitable steps are taken to tend to such situations.

We have been seeing to the travel needs of the locals as well as the tourists of London and have been extending above par services. Our mini cab company provides an assortment of services such as:

  • Airport transfer services
  • Train station transfer services.
  • Special day hires such as weddings, birthdays, parties, formal dinners etc.
  • Corporate/Business hires.
  • School and college run services.
  • Tours and sightseeing services.
  • Pick and drop services with meet and greet services.

The job basically requires the interested individuals to hold Private Hire’s license in London, have deep knowledge of the topography of London, have great communication skills along with a strong command over English so they can easily converse with the clientele and recommend the tourists on places to see and visit.

General Guidelines Of The Job For Individuals Looking To Apply

Our mini cab company prioritizes and stresses upon the importance of providing fine services and therefore we expect our employed staff to give in their best shot while dealing with our clients. Good behavior, sophisticated demeanor and refined language are a must. A prior job focusing on customer-care and communication skills is looked upon with much appreciation.

An outline of what the job requires an applicant to do is as follows:

  • The applicant must have a Private Hire Driver's license in the UK.
  • The candidate must possess in-depth awareness of the geography of London's routes, attractions, landmarks, tourist spots etc, in order to advise the passengers on what places to visit, where they should dine and where they should shop etc.
  • The applicant must have furnished customer-care skills.
  • The candidate should have great command over the English language.
  • The driver must have fine driving skills.
  • The applicant should be able to deal with difficult situations while being calm and composed.